Frequently asked questions

What is OpenCNFT?
OpenCNFT is a side project led by @Kakulukian, the purpose of which is to provide data on trends such as traded volumes or wallet holders of CardanoNFT projects in an automated way. We want to provide an easy to use tool for the Cardano Community.
Where does the data come from?
We track data from the leading marketplaces of the Cardano Community and directly from the blockchain (amount of minted assets, holders, total transactions, and more...)
Which marketplaces are tracked?
At the moment, tracked marketplaces are available here
How is the floor price calculated, and what is the difference with the "min price"?
"Floor price" is the lowest ask price for a collection's asset, while the "min. price" is the lowest ask price a buyer has paid for during the same time frame
I'm a creator, How do I get my project listed?
Your project is automatically listed if at least 2 sales are recorded on either marketplace we track.
I'm a creator, How do I get my project verified?
A project is said verified once its policy ID is verified on the marketplace where it is traded. Once verified, the project name you registered will replace the policy ID in our tracking records and show as well. Check the link below for further information about CNFT verification
I'm a developer, How can I retrieve your data?
We have a public API available here, don't forget to mention us!
Can we get in touch?
For sure: